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All About Glass Photo Cubes

glass photo cube is one of the newest, most exciting and hottest collectible items to hit the market in years. They are a great and simple way to store and display your favorite pictures. They come in many sizes and shapes including square, round, oval and oblong. Many cube styles have magnetic strips or labels on the glass to help you find your photos easily. The photo cube is perfect for any photo enthusiast and will keep all your favorite pictures in one organized area. You can also add additional information to the cubes, such as captions, comments, words or dates, to help make your memories more memorable.

glass photo cube

What makes the glass photo cube so special is that it is made from glass that has been specially cut to allow viewing through a telescope, enabling you to see all the details in the photo. This type of photo item is called a three dimensional photo cube. Most commonly they are displayed on an old style (double sided) vinyl album, but you can also purchase them in several styles that do not have album backing. If you want to mount your cube on your wall, some models do not have mounting holes so you will have to look at mounting options for that kind of a cube.

The unique glass look gives the photo a 3d effect. It creates an illusion that the object in the photograph is actually three dimensional. You will see this effect when looking at objects that are close up, like a flower. When you look at something that is far away, like a building, it becomes difficult to see the illusion created by the glass, causing it to seem more like a flat picture.

If you are interested in purchasing a glass cube, there are a few things you should know. One is that most are sold as a single unit, meaning you get just the glass cube, not the box. There are also several styles to choose from, such as a square or hexagonal style. Another option is to purchase the pieces separately, such as in a tri-fold design. Finally, there are some companies that offer packages with the cube, such as one box with five pieces, or one complete cube.

To purchase a glass photo cube, simply go online and do a price comparison. Some companies allow you to enter a price range so that it will only show products within that price range. This allows you to easily compare prices, which will help you find the best price. Also, if you do not find the product that you are looking for, many companies offer refunds on purchases.

If you are a photographer, or even a simple consumer, you will love having a new piece of glass to display your photos in. They make great gifts, or you can use them to store important documents and other items in. Whether you decide to buy a glass photo cube or separate pieces, you will surely enjoy the new glass you will be able to add to your collection. In no time at all, you too will have transformed your home or office with 3D glass crystal cubes.

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